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just you try and stop me

28 April 1988
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Hi, I'm Kristen, 18 year old, hailing from some unknown place kinda near New York. Friend me for any reason, I'd love to talk to you no matter how random it is. I'm usually pretty hot n' horny, up for a good time. I'm bisexual, but have only been in serious relationships with guys. Am currently single. Will use this journal for multiple purposes, including, but not limited to a) my stories, which will generally be R or NC-17 rated, b) stuff about my life, and c) anything else I care to share. Don't get mad at me if you don't like what I post, just don't read my journal in that case. I'm always looking for new friends, especially because very few of my real-life friends are into the whole LJ thing.

--My AIM screenname does not have the underscore in it like my LJ name and Yahoo Messenger. Make sure you use the correct name when trying to send me messages.--